Baba Garib Sthan Mandir




Baba Garib Asthan Mandir is one of the oldest temple of lord Shiva situated in Muzaffarpur in the Indian state of Bihar. This religious place is one of the sacred and the oldest temples in the heart of City Muzaffarpur. Baba Purinath Dham Jagrath is becoming famous as a Shiva-site. Here the faith of devotees from far and near, their faith will go deeper. Those people are come at their door with pure mind and faith, do not do it only from work of gratitude, but also fulfill their desires. By removing his suffering, he brings happiness and happiness in his life. The most popular Shiva occasion ‘Maha Shivratri’ celebration is observed in this ancient and holy temple. This is a very sacred place to commemorate felicitous fest by people following Hindu Culture.

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