Arulmigu Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple




Arulmigu Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple is located in Sholinghur. The Sholingur Hill Temple is dedicated to Yoga Narasimhar and is located in Kadikachalam. The alternate names of the Perumal are “Thakaan” and “Akkarakani”. Akkaram implies Money and Wealth. Sholingur is in the Vellore region of Tamil Nadu. Vellore is the headquarters of the district and is around 43 kilometers away from Sholingur. The closest metro is Chennai, around situated 120kilometersto the south-east. A well known journey focus in the region of Sholingur is Thiruttani, which is 25kilometersaway. (Home to Lord Murgua, and is situated on a peak).

Yoga Narasimhar in Yoga stage is found on the Periya Malai Like Tirupati, this is atop a slope. It is situated at a height of 750 feet. One needs to climb 1,305 precarious steps to achieve the temple. After 800-odd steps, there are a couple of rather steep bends. After one reaches the last 100-odd steep and straight steps, they go right into the temple. One needs to walk up the steps to touch base at the temple. There is no other transportation mode to climb this slope. Many endeavors by well intentioned individuals to give a transport course and different method for transport have arrived at nothing. Lovers, youthful and old alike, make a moderate and orderly move to relish a definitive joy of having the look of Lord Yoga Narasimha, situated ever so agreeably in a yogic carriage.

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